The Mission of the National Minority Technology Council's Capital Access Strategy Initiative (NMTC CAS Initiative or CAS) is to leverage the Minority Technology Industry's growth to economically empower America’s underserved communities. A program of the National Minority Technology Council CAS will increase economic opportunity and promote community development investments for undeserved populations in the United States.

This will be accomplished by leveraging the collective bargaining powers of our members to aggregate contract award fulfillment in communities that normally would not enjoy the economic impact of Federal, State, or Local contract awards. Our goal is to couple the collaborative forces born from the existence of a great many capable minority technology companies with the inherent desire for Public/Private partnerships that increase jobs, home ownership and wealth creation in communities now considered distressed due to the disenfranchisement caused by racism and poverty.

We believe the solution exist within and we are purpose driven to make a difference by targeting skills based training, community building to increase awareness of the benefits of work, and the microprogram increase of entrepreneurial activity in our communities of need.